Owing to a massive paradigm shift to cloud services, Web browsing is now a necessity. Since web browsers are the home to everyday computing, you need to have a laptop covering all the basics at the very least. Also, you don’t necessarily have to look for the best possible display or a massive storage. You can choose the right one on the basis of your preferences, such as size, weight, and pricing factors as well.But then again, how do you decide if it’s the right choice for something as inexplicitly vast as browsing the web? That is exactly what we are going to cover in this guide. Hopefully we’ll also offer more clarity on the subject matter by providing the minimum system requirements and top-rated laptops suited for it.Minimum & Recommended System RequirementsYou don’t need a very high-end PC for being able to open a website. However, if you’re a power web user and use memory-intensive browsers like Google Chrome then you might want a machine that comes with a high-end CPU, 8GB or 16GB RAM or above, and SSD Based storage. Although, you wouldn’t need a dedicated graphics card for surfing the web, but it surely shall be helpful for other graphic-intensive tasks.To perform something as basic as opening a website, you need to have a system with minimum requirements. To make the process even smoother and for taking actions on that website, you can always go for upgraded specifications. Let us take a look at the minimum and the recommended system requirements for web browsing.Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System RequirementsCPUIntel Core i3 or HigherIntel Core i5 or higherRAM2GB4GB or higherStorage128GB SSD/HDD256GB SSD/HDDDisplay13 inch14 or 15 inch FHDBatteryMinimum 2 HoursUp to 6 hoursThe Best Laptops For Web Browsing So, that’s a wrap on the minimum and recommended system requirements for internet surfing. You won’t be using your laptop for internet browsing alone. You’ll be doing a lot of other tasks depending on the field you are in. Now, we will dive deep into the details of the best machines we have curated for you that serve the purpose. Let’s get started, shall we?